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If your pet is aged around 7 years or above
then she/he will be entering into the senior years!!! As our pets advance in years their bodies slowly stop working as well as they used to. It appears more difficult to jump on to the bed or sofa – also play and walks may no longer be greeted with boundless enthusiasm. Whilst ageing is a gradual, natural process, it can mean that certain age-related health problems are far more likely to arise.

Unfortunately the symptoms of age-related illnesses often develop slowly and can be easily missed, which results in treatment being given unnecessarily late. For this reason we will be offering FREE NURSE CHECKS for your older pet and for a period of time FREE BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING (subject to availability) with these clinics. This will enable us to monitor any age-related illnesses that may arise and help you to give your pet a longer, healthier and happier life!! The nurse checks can also include BLOOD TESTS & URINE TESTS (There will be a charge for these tests) and the results are usually given within your pet’s appointment time.

· Heart disease (very common in dogs)
· Kidney disease (very common in cats)
· Dental disease
· High blood pressure
· Arthritis
· Liver disease
· Prostatic disease
· Weight problems
· Cancers and/or tumours
· Behaviour changes

Keep track and watch out for any of these important signs.
· Drinking more?
· Urinating more?
· Eating more or less?
· Weight loss or gain?
· Smelly breath
· Just not acting themselves?
· Mobility changes?
· Becoming confused or disoriented?
· Losing house-training habits?

If you notice any of these signs or other changes to your pet's routine then your pet should be seen for a check up!!

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