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We routinely demat and bath cats (and we all have the scars to prove it!) These procedures usually require a full anaesthetic (sometimes the cat has to be given one too) and can therefore only be carried out at a veterinary surgery.

Clients can now book free Nurse appointments for chats about their kittens, which involve taking a look at growth charts, advice and treatment about fleas and worming, advice about insurance and grooming, and help with any other concerns or problems you may have. One advantage of having your cat visit these clinics is that he or she will be less anxious about a visit to the vet later in life.

Puppy Socialisation Groups
are run every Thursday evening and are great fun for all involved, allowing the pups to socialise and learn in a safe setting.
Clients are advised that there is a long waiting list for these classes and booking early will avoid disappointment.
If no places are available, we are happy to offer weekly Nurse appointments to help keep track of weight, behaviour, training etc. for your puppies. This will also help them to feel more at ease when visiting the vet in future.

Obesity is an increasingly common problem in cats and dogs. Our nurses offer free weight check programmes and advice on how to manage your pet's weight.

For more details on this subject see the Weight Check page in the "Hot Topics" section of the Site.

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