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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

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Hot Topics - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

This disease predominantly affects male neutered cats which are overweight, but can also affect females. The causes can be excessive weight, lack of exercise, diet, and debris or crystal formation in the urine.

The main sign in affected cats is straining to pass urine. No urine will be passed at all if there is complete obstruction. This would then be considered as an emergency situation that requires immediate attention as it can be life threatening.

If any the following signs are seen please contact us:

  • Abnormal urine - blood in the urine, abnormal colour of urine, excessive straining or passing small amounts of urine little and often, or pain on urination.

  • Restlessness, listlessness or hiding away.

  • Changes in the pattern of urination such as urinating indoors or in unusual places.

Prevention is better than cure so ensure your pet is fed a good well balanced diet and drinks regularly. Ensure there is a fresh supply of drinking water available at all times and if required add a little to the diet to increase water intake.

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