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Hot Topics - Neutering

Neutering is a surgical procedure also known as spaying (ovariohysterectomy) for females and castration for males.

CATS - we recommend that all cats not to be used for breeding should be neutered, the ideal time being around 6 months. This reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancies and has important health and behavioural benefits.

DOGS - we recommend that all bitches, not to be used for breeding, should be neutered. This can either be done 2 months after her first season/heat or prior to her first season at 6 months old. This should be discussed with one of the vets to decide which is best for your dog. Male dogs can be castrated if required- again a discussion with one of the vets prior to the operation is recommended.

RABBITS - we recommend that all rabbits should be routinely neutered, ideally at about 6 months of age, due to the health and behavioural benefits.

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